Scroll Up Folder has received a big update!

Discover what happened since its creation


Original creation

The add-on was originally created by Ohmar KHAN in 2004 for the old Firefox 1.4. Due to its incompatibility with Firefox 2, I got back to the source and I started to adapt it to the new Firefox 2.


My first version

During the following years, I maintained the add-on for the new Firefox versions. As I rewrote some parts of the code to fix a lot of bugs, the version 2 was born.

See the original changelog (fr) 2005

Submission to AMO

The next big step for the add-on was the validation by its peers. I submitted the add-on to the Mozilla marketplace: Addons Mozilla Org. Some times later, it was fully reviewed and publicly accessible to everyone.

See on AMO 2007

My firt addition

Until here, I only maitained the original feature of the add-on. Based on user feedback, I started adding new features. The first (big) one was the hability to navigate throw the URLs even if you load a new page. So you could now scroll down from a previouly visited up folder.



As the add-on became public, some users started to contribute to the project by sending translations. It was hosted on BabelZilla to help to federate translators.

See on BabelZilla 2009


The more users you have, the more feature they request! So I added the preferences to the add-on. The default behavior should be configurable as it will never fit all the user needs. Version 3 was released.


Scroll is not enough

You know, power users hate mouse. But they still install Scroll Up Folder! So I started to add a new feature to allow them to use the add-on with the keyboard only. The URL panel and its button was added for them. Version 4 was released.


New features, new languages, less bugs

Open in a new tab, in a new window, scroll in reverse order, parse anchors or GET variables, load on double-click, support IP and FTP addresses, support Linux, add 12 translations and fix a lot of bugs! This version evolved throw years thanks to the user ideas and feedback.

2010 to 2015

GitHub hosting

The previous hosting, GoogleCode, had stopped and the whole project was moved to GitHub. All the bug tracker and code history had to be migrated. But it was worth it! This new hosting encouraged users to post comments and issues and even fork to add feature!

See on GitHub 2015

Add-on SDK extension

From scratch. I just started the add-on from scratch. Built over the new add-on SDK, I spend weeks to get the same result as the legacy extension. I hope it will fix the main issue: the need to continously test each new version of Firefox to provide support.

See on Add-on SDK 2015

Big thanks

Time to speak about you! A big thanks to all the contributors, the translators and of course you, users! For a developer, having feedback and reviews is the most motivating thing you could give me. So keep using Scroll Up Folder and don't hesitate to left a comment if you like it. Thanks you all!

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